Help raise the funds to win Gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Support the Team, and get a 2018 Tax Deduction
We are affiliated with the Zephyr Racing Foundation, a 501(c)3, who handles the Team TokyoGold2020 donations; just tap on the Donate button below.

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Alternatively, Donate Stocks and Air Miles
With the help of The Sailing Foundation of New York, you can also donate Stocks and Air Miles! Contact us via the contact form and we’ll guide you through the easy steps.


Why your donation matters

Olympic hopefuls are some of the most talented athletes in the world, but they aren't paid like it.

In fact they aren't paid a salary at all. Some get small stipends, but they aren't much. As a result, most athletes are struggling to train for the [Olympics] and keep up with the rent at the same time. That means athletes have to get creative -- holding down part-time jobs and landing endorsements. What's surprising is just how much these folks rely on donations and the kindness of others.   
–CNN Money, July 7, 2016

Your Donation supports the Campaign by funding big and little expenses.


International Regattas 

The campaign trail leads the team around the globe where they train with, and compete against, elite competitors from other countries, thus enabling them to catapult their performance and benchmark against the fleet.

Replacement sailS, gear, and Maintenance

All this training and competing puts wear and tear on the boat, gear, sails, and even bodies. We will need to maintain all components of the team with new sails and new lines so that they don't snap at critical points.

A second Boat

With back to back training and regattas, one can't wait for a boat to ship across the ocean so there's a boat in use and then a second one ready at the next training or regatta venue. 

Your donations make it possible.